Just a Bunch of Passionate RC Pilots!

At Durafly, every passion project we take on is a labor-of-love. Durafly was formed out of necessity to fill the gap in the market for high-quality, ultra-durable, fun-to-fly models.

We’re a small team of enthusiasts who believe in restoring power to the people by bringing greater choice to the market. For too long RC hobbyists have been forced to take what’s available from older brands. With Durafly, we feel we can work for the people by giving them what they really want.

Our Durafly models are electric-powered, EPO, with wingspans up to 1100mm, while sports model wingspans are up to 1600mm. Our warbirds, trainers, gliders, and sports models are available as Plug & Fly (PNF), Almost Ready To Fly (ARF), and Ready To Fly (RTF).

It’s not uncommon to see Durafly planes flying at local parks, clubs, and events. Seeing so many communities flying Durafly planes fuels our fire to work harder and faster to create the most interesting, fun flying machines in the world. Whether you’re a beginner, intermediate, or advanced flyer, we have the right plane for you.

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